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2016-04-01 Formation of HK Limited Co. with Co. Sec. HK$ 2,388

2016-04-01 Formation of HK Limited Co. Express Package with Co. Sec. HK$ 4,388

2016-04-01 Ready Made of HK Limited Co. with Co. Sec. HK$ 4,388

2016-04-01 Get extra 6-months-services free

2014-05-01 20% Discount for Bookkeeping and Taxation Services


2016-04-01 Waiving business registration fees for 2016-17

The Financial Secretary proposed to waive business registration fees for the year 2016-17, For more detail please click here

2015-06-05 Setting up H.K. Limited Company

10th Anniversary, Genuine Thanks, Set Up Limited Co. HK$ 4,388#

2014-05-01 20% Discount for Bookkeeping and Taxation Services

To help Your Company to save the operating cost, New Client for bookkeeping and taxation services could enjoy 20% discount on the bill charge.

2014-04-01 Anticipated Upsurge of Cost for Company Incorporation

     Effect from 1 April 2014, all applications for incorporation of local companies and

     applications for registration of non-Hong Kong companies delivered

     to the Registry using the One-stop Company and Business Registration Service

     must be accompanied by the correct business registration fee and levy.

     Please refer to business registration fee & levy table for details.

2010-01-29 ICMC Porgramme

GENERAL – fully participating in the Intellectual Capital Management Consultancy Programme.

HKG: Hang Seng Bank Limited, #265-452193-001 (Hong Kong currency) #265-452193-883 (foreign currency)
HKG: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, #012-916-0-002670-3
CHINA: China Merchants Bank, #6214 8565 5610 9183 (邝婉玲)
CHINA: China Construction Bank, #6217 0072 0005 1004 888 (邝婉玲)

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