FAQ - B.V.I. Limited Company

Q.1:What are the limitations of the name of B.V.I. Limited Company?
Ans: Clients can create an English name by themselves (and/or add Chinese name for identification purpose) . At the end of company name, it must include a word of “Corporate”, “Limited” or “Corporation”, or abbreviate it to “Co.”, “Corp.”, “Inc.” or “Ltd.”.
If clients would like to add a word like “Trust”, “Bank”, “Insurance” in the company name, it shall be approved by the government at advance.
Q.2:What is the Authorized Share Capital of the B.V.I Limited Company?
Ans: Generally, Authorized Share Capital of B.V.I Limited Company is US$ 50,000, if you would like to increase the amount, additional government fee should be paid.
Q.3:What is the minimum requirement in the number of director and shareholder of B.V.I. Limited Company?
Ans: Ans. B.V.I. Limited Company requires at least one shareholder and one director. Also, the shareholder can also take up the post of director at the same time


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